Add Money to Rocket from Visa or Mastercard

Is it possible to add money to Rocket from Visa or Mastercard? Yes, it is. The details are discussed below.

Mobile Banking plays a very important role in our modern cashless transection. Rocket is the first mobile banking service in Bangladesh. But, Bkash is now the first position according to transection.

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Basically, Visa and Mastercard are two financial company those helps people for online transection all over the World.

For getting this service, you have to update your Rocket Apps.

Add Money to Rocket from Visa Card or Mastercard

If you have Visa card of any bank, you can enroll this service.

  • Open your Rocket Apps
  • Then, Select Add Money
Rocket Apps
  • Then You will find an interface like the above image.
  • Then select what Visa Card or Mastercard you use.
  • If you want to add money to your own account then select Self and if you want to add money to another number then select Other
  • Now enter the amount in the amount section and go to Next
  • Now give the card information and press Submit.
  • You may get an OTP for verification(it is based on your Bank)

By following this procedure, you can add money to your Rocket account from Visa Card or Mastercard.

If you have faced any problem, comment below the post or message us

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