Are You Using an Illegal Smartphone in 2021? Check it

Illegal Smartphones or unauthorized phones are used all over the world specially in South Asia like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

These smartphones are also called unofficial phones. Bangladesh holds a lot of unofficial phones users.

What is Illegal Smartphone?

Illegal phones that are imported without giving taxes to government. That’s why those phones IMEI numbers are not stored in Govt. database.

In recent times, Bangladesh Govt. have took a decision to ban illegal phones. So it is high time, you checked your phones legal or illegal.

Procedure of Checking Legal or Illegal Smartphone in Bangladesh

  • Dial *#06# to get IMEI Number
  • Then go to message option of your phone and type “KYD <space> 15 digit IMEI and send it to 16002
Are You Using an Illegal Smartphone in 2021? Check it

Then, the authority will send a SMS back that your phone is legal or illegal. If legal, then it shows

ডিভাইসটির IMEI বিটিআরসি’র ডাটাবেইজে পাওয়া গেছে

By taking these steps, you can check your smartphone.

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