How to remove the SEO Score of Rank Math from Your Website

If the SEO Score is shown on your website. This article helps you to remove the SEO Score that shown on the website.

I hope, you have surely a website that’s CMS is WordPress and You are using Rank Math Plugin for SEO.

Suddenly, you noticed that SEO Score is shown at every post like the below image which may not be essential for readers. So, you need remove it.

Remove the SEO Score of Rank Math

Here is the procedure of removing the SEO score from your website:

  • Go to Rank Math option from your WP Dashboard
  • Then go to General Setting
  • and select Others
  • You will see the option Show SEO Score like the below image.
  • Now turn off from the option Show SEO Score.
  • Then, finally the SEO Score will be removed from your website.

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