How to Easily Add Bangla Font SolaimanLipi in WP Website

In this blog, we discuss How to Add Bangla Font or SolaimanLipi in WordPress Website. Hopefully, this article helps you a lot. Cheers!

If you want to add Bangla font SolaimanLipi via plugin then read this article How to Convert all posts in WP Website into Beautiful Bangla Font.

Today, we add this Bangla Font SolaimanLipi via CSS. If the previous trick does not work. It may help you.

Download SolaimanLipi Font

Add Bangla Font SolaimanLipi

First, You have to upload the font as SolaimanLipi in your CPanel. If you don’t know how to upload, then you may use WP File Manager.

After uploading, you will get a link on

If you upload this file in the wp-content folder, then the link will be wp-content/SolaimanLipi.ttp

Then, go to custom CSS option to your theme, and paste these codes

body {
    font-family: 'SolaimanLipi';
    src: url(SolaimanLipi.ttf);

and if you upload the file in the wp-content folder, then code will be

body {
    font-family: 'SolaimanLipi';
    src: url(wp-content/SolaimanLipi.ttf);

I hope, You have understood the procedure. If you not, comment below.

After doing saved, go to your website and see the magic.

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Add Bangla Font SolaimanLipi

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