How to easily Check Airtel Number and USSD Info

Are you airtel user? Then this article is for you. You can check Airtel number and other USSD info from this article.

From this blog, you can know details of a balance check, Showing own number, package Check, Minute Check, SMS Check, MMS Check, Data (MB) Check, Call Me Back, Net Setting Request, Miss Call Alert (On)

Airtel USSD Info

Balance Check *778#
Show SIM Number *121*6*3#
Package Check *121*8#
Minute Check *778*5# or *778*8#
SMS Check *778*2#
MMS Check *222*13#
Data (MB) Check *778*39# or *778*4#
Call Me Back *121*5#
Net Setting Request *140*7#

I hope you can check Airtel number and USSD Info now. Enjoy

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