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Shikho is one of the fast-growing online educational platforms in Bangladesh. They have already launched many courses, adding a new dimension to online education by making animated videos.

Shikho Promo Code

Shikho Promo Code: Get 50% OFF on Your Course 50% OFF
Shikho Promo Code
Use this Promo code to get the maximum discount on each course.


Shikho Skills Course | Get 50% Discount

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Resume and Cover Letter WritingGRE Quantitative ReasoningGRE Verbal & Analytical Writing PreparationEmail ExpertTurning Stress into StrengthExcellence with Excel
Personal Finance ManagementGoogle Workspace Essential TrainingEmotional IntelligenceMastering Microsoft Wordক্যারিয়ার Preparation প্যাকেজ (Bundle)চাকরির প্রস্তুতি (Career Readiness)

Shikho Animated Course Course List (SSC) | Get a 50% Discount

Common BundleICTScience BundleEnglish 1st PaperEnglish 2nd PaperMathematics
Higher MathBiologyPhysicsChemistryBangla 1st Paperক্যারিয়ার Development

If you are a student of SSC or HSC, Shikho will help you to get good marks in the Final examination. Shikho also has launched some skills courses like resume writing, MS Word, Excel, and email allowing you to acquire knowledge on these skills.

Shikho Promo Code: Get 50% OFF on Your Course

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