Best Smartphone Review YouTube Channels in Bangladesh

Best Smartphone Review Youtube Channels in Bangladesh is discussed in this blog.

Smartphone is such a device, we can’t pass a day without it. Most of the people of young generations use smartphone in this modern age.

Every month, new mobile phones are launched with attractive features to attract the consumers.

But many consumers are not well-known about all features of mobile phone. Smartphone Reviewe Youtubers helps to understand to mass people about features of smartphones.

For this, Youtubers use their Youtube Channel to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

Top Smartphone Review YouTube Channels in Bangladesh

1. ATC Android ToTo Company

ATC becomes one the best smartphone review YouTube channels in Bangladesh. ATC is run by a team of Android specialists. Among them, Ashikur Rahman Tusher is the most popular reviewer of ATC.

This Channel helps to find out pros and cons of smartphones as well as other gadgets.

Total Subscribes: 1.29M+

ATC- Smartphone Review YouTube Channels
ATC Team, Photo:ATC Youtube

2. Sohag360

Sohag360 is a tech-based YouTube channel in Bangladesh. Sohag Mia, the owner of channel discuss about tech related topics in the channel. Peoples get solutions of tech related problem from this channel.

Besides, Sohag Mia reviews trendy smartphones in his channel. Sohag Mia is also the pioneer of many tech YouTubers of Bangladesh.

Total subscribers: 1.17M+

3. Ratul Osman

Ratul Osman is another tech-related channel where smartphones are basically reviewed. Ratul Osman describes his opinion in Bengali language like other YouTube channel.

Total subscribers: 226K +

4.Ami Babu

Ami Babu is one of most growing YouTube channel in Bangldesh’s YouTube zone. He also describes his words in Bangla with good tone.The full name of Babu is Mostafa Ahmed.

Total subscribers: 197K+

5. techverse.

techverse is owned by Akib Raj, who is former co-founder of ATC Android ToTo Company. Now, he runs his own channel techverse. It is also most tech-growing channel in Bangladesh.

Total subscribers: 110K+

Besides these YouTubers, a lot of young people work in this sectors.

Hopefully, these Smartphone Review YouTube Channels may helps you a little bit at least to take decision for buying a new smartphone.

NB: Its my personal opinion, you may not agree with me.

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